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I'm a photographer from Halmstad, Sweden. 2015 - 2016 I was participating in a one year workshop under the legendary photographer Micke Berg from Stockholm. That resulted in a book called Descendants. You can see some pics from the book under the Descendants icon here. The book first sold out att the release party but I have recently come across a number of books so if you are interested please contact me. The price is 300skr / 30 € plus shipping.

micke p/2018

All pics with copyright of course. Please contact me if you want to order prints or digital pics.

MCM, Scanbike, Descendants

2016 Gallery Korn, Stockholm
2016 Guerilla exhibition, Cafe Twang, Stockholm
2016 Bookrelease, Descendants, Halmstad
2015 Gallery Oskar, Oskarstrom
2014 Kajskjulet
2014 Kulturnatten 6/9 Halmstad
2014 Gallery 70
2013 Gallery 70
2013 Artweekend Halmstad
2012 Gallery Ram-Tajm Halmstad
2012 Bikers Place Svalöv
2012 Artweekend Halmstad
2008 Kulturparadiset Halmstad
1982 Halmstad Theatre


Halmstad, Sweden